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How to install baseboards molding?

baseboards molding

When you have to install baseboard for your building, you have to use the trim and cross section before starting. Baseboard is the molding installed in between floor and the wall. This baseboard is used to cover the rough and uneven edges at the joints. As this is projected to the front, this will protect wall from scratch due to furniture. Baseboards can be designed in different materials like plastic, wood and POP. In olden days they are used in the form of molding in different shape. The plank is nailed and glued to the wall with number of molding designs. There are various styles and designs that are implemented from various molding structures. To get those elegant look, you can pick one from those perfect style and design. When you want to get the look you desire, you can prefer getting the elaborated style and type.

When you want to install baseboard, you have to familiarize with those desired result and the various designs. There are some steps to install baseboard in the easy and faster method without any steps to consider, you just have to hire a professional. Here is the list of preplanning steps before proceeding to install baseboard.

desired baseboard

  • Measure the perimeter of the room to get a conclusion on how much material will be needed.
  • It is better to buy extra moldings, since trim may not be assured to end up right always. IN those faulty situations, you will need replaceable molding. You should be prepared for those extra necessary products when you need.
  • As there are various materials for baseboard, you need to prepare with sanding before sticking to the wall. This process also saves time which will end the work faster. In case you are using wood materials, use primer and paint before sanding.
  • Installation of baseboard is not tuff but cutting those edges for miter joints are the critical task. TO make the perfect cuts, you can hire a professional who has those perfect tools to get the proper finishing.
  • When you have to nail the baseboard towards the wall, you should use wall studs that make it stiff. After nailing you use putty to make it invisible and finish the coat.

Find a better molding to process the desired baseboard without any flaws.


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