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The Evolution of Sports Watch

Evolution of Sports Watch

Watches were always in fashion. The latest fashion that can up now is a sports watch. Almost everyone has a sports watch or intend to buy one very soon. A sports watch is very attractive and feels good tied in the wrist. Sports watches are catching the trends because of the functionality that it provides. It is small yet gives a lot of ability to control.

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For them who aren’t aware of a sports watch. A sports watch is a watch that is designed to be wearable during sports or ant physical activities. You don’t have fear or open it aside so that it doesn’t get destroyed. A sports watch is build with excessive care to withstand any damages and injuries. It is built with solid metals and glasses that are resistant to scratches or breaks. These make the watch such durable.

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Some sports watches are also examined to provide the water-resistant ability for divers and swimmers or anyone who are likely to be under the water or rain. Some watches are also sweat-proof which doesn’t make the watch wet because of sweat. This all features make this watch to likely be searched for in stores. In addition, these watches have a clean finish and design that makes it even more desirable by watch enthusiasts.

The Evolution

During the World War I era, the pocket watch was on the trend. Wristwatches were for women to wear. Pockets watches were for men. The inability of pocket watches for a simpler life, the military, and the aviation required a watch that is durable to stretches and damages. Rolex was one of them but the prices were too damn high. Therefore, they required a watch that was cheap too.

The sports watch was thereafter, researched and set for use; reserved for the military and the aviation only. The designs were made to resemble that of women but had that masculine feel. It simplified the aviation fighters to not reach out their pockets and just watch their arms for the time. This concept soon been attracting the civilians for convenience it provided. As the world moved forward more and more functionality and featured were inducted into the watches. Now the same wristwatch has started to come with software that makes the watch no less than a mini computer.


Several wristwatches have a design that could mesmerize the eyes. Mvmt and vincero watches are also some unique watches that look classy in the hands. There is always a competition between mvmt vs. vincero of which watch to choose.


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