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Merits and Demerits of Eco Friendly Tote Bags

Eco Friendly Tote Bags

The use of plastic bags can be reduced by the use of eco friendly tote bags. The use of plastic bags has been replaced by tote bags in many shopping malls and grocery stores. Tote bags can be used for longer durations and they are environment friendly.  Tote bags can be used for travelling purposes apart from using it for carrying groceries. Canvas tas bedrukken can also be used for storing arts and crafts and for purchases during weekends and can also be used for outing purpose.

Merits: The main benefits of the tote bags are that they can be used again and again. It is always better to use the tote bags available while going out for shopping instead of buying a new plastic bag every time. The utilization of paper and plastic can be reduced by using the canvas tas bedrukken to safeguard the environment. Use of tote bags also reduces the production of paper and cutting down trees will also be reduced.

Tote bags

Tote bags can be washed along with other clothes due to its durability and the bags are made of cotton and other polyester fabric will lost for longer time. Plastic bags should be replaced with tote bags as tote bags have the feature of recycling and biodegradable in nature. The use of plastic bags can be a threat to the environment and human beings and mostly animals as the animals eat the plastic bags without knowing the harm in it and the digestive system of the animals will get damaged leading to their death some times. Even small animals get trapped and tangled by the plastic bags and get injuries. Plastic bags also affect the marine animals by reaching water.

Tote bags saves the money for the people as they can avoid spending too much money on plenty of plastic bags every time they go for shopping as tote bags comes for longer durations.  One more advantage is that the people can imprint the favourite logo or known quote on the tote bags as cotton is the basic material used for tote bags and these bags resist ink fading and flaking.

Demerits: The main demerit of using tote bags is it contains numerous bacteria. Microorganisms may be found in these bags which are very unsafe to carry. Eco-friendly cotton based starts shrinking after few washes and the use of tote bags continuously may not be possible. Jute tote bags are not resistant to moisture and it will be difficult to carry some grocery items.

One more disadvantage of use of nylon tote bags is that the disposal will be a great problem as nylon is petroleum based material. Tote bags made of polypropylene which is not biodegradable and non renewable and these bags will be a great threat to the environment.


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