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Trends you will find in your flooring store to help update your home

You may think it is the walls that give your kids room an impressive look but the flooring too has an important role to play to make their room appealing and beautiful. Today, the DIY flooring options concept has caught on and many people do try to do the flooring installation all be themselves. For experts, it may sound fine yet, the job done by professionals stand the test of time better. Hence it is always preferable to get the flooring installation by people who have been trained to do the job and have good experience.

Some trends you will see at the flooring store

Hardwood floors and large planks: Hardwood flooring gives a classic look to a home and this trend has continued for long and it will remain so. While ebony, walnut and expresso are the preferred materials in kids rooms, longer planks seem to be a popular trend. On one side it lends an appealing look and on the other, it also gives a spacious look to your home.  Flooring with mixed width is also catching up.

Bamboo: This has been one of the best flooring options for home owners for some time, but now, it is becoming a preferred option considering it is an ecology friendly material. It is also quite durable. You also get the strand-woven bamboo now which is a stronger material. There are also many colors to choose from; ideally, bright colors for the kids room.

Parquet:  This is a type of tiles that come in geometric patterns and today it is available in wood, tiles and more. These patterns look classic and elegant; looks as if this trend will stay for some time now. Those who are not too confident about geometric patterns can try to get a temporary flooring in the design or get some portions of the house floor.

Tiles: This is one style that will always be in demand because they last longer and are perhaps the most easily available choice. Yet, even in tiling, there are new trends happening. Large tiles not only give a cleaner look but also lend a classic appeal. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the popular options for kids rooms right now.

While trends may come and go, in terms of flooring, some styles have managed to stay put. When you go to a flooring store, always check out the latest trends and see if you can add a personal touch to it. Mix and match or different flooring for different rooms or a cut in here or there can also add the best appeal to your flooring.


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