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The Pros of Using Jagdpanzer e 100 In World of Tanks

t-10 in WoT

The jagdpanzer e 100 is one of the best buys among all equipment in the world of tanks game.  Some players see this tank as an inspired German tank destroyer line for wargaming. This tank is the line of the best arty magnet in place of optics. It keeps your loader and gunner safer while absorbing extra damage for the team. Thus, keeping your first alpha on the run even on the not so safe war zone. This tank is somewhat the successor to the previous vehicles with its own gameplay. If you want to try its unique features, read more to get ideas for the wargaming online.

 Jagdpanzer e 100 Pros

The Jagdpanzer E 100 is a unique tank that does not only work as destroyer lurking in the bushes. It is an assault gun giving you the best chance to strike meant for close combat. It has the strongest armors with the highest chance of survival. You can use this equipment for both push and defend with its frightening gun protect. But, this tank won’t allow you to change flanks in the latter so, plan in advance where you want to go. Also, study the features and the controls that make this tank unique from its peers.

t-10 in WoT

  • Shot Power. This tank comes with an updated and incredible single-shot power. It has the gold ammo giving you the highest penetration at 420 mm of all ammo in the game.
  • Gun Caliber. This tank is actually equipped with a massive gun of 170 mm and strongest caliber. It would allow you to overmatch the armor of some other tanks in the war game. Its new added caliber gives you the shots with no ricochet. Thus, the penetration does not drop that much over the range 100 m up to 289 mm with the highest pool of all TDs in the game 2200.
  • Durable Frontal Armor. This tank comes with a very strong and sloped frontal armor. It has a thick spaced armor covering its treads that host the gun is 250 mm thick and 280 effective. The gun mantle is impenetrable giving only the best shots and better aim at your target.
  • Great Shooting Range. This tank is great for side scraping without returning fire while doing the shots. If you opt for terrain resistance, this would work also despite its size and weight. The most speed it could produce for its massive weight is (30KM/H). Better for ramming games.

The Gameplay

This equipment is great on specific uses but it is not ideal for hull armor. Its insufficient protection makes it work only in hull-down tactics. It is actually designed with normal E 100 heavy tank and the lower frontal plate is durable. When driving in a zig-zag pattern, this tank works best. It has a thick but flat superstructure so watch out for tanks with high penetration power. The penetration value and damage it gives could still impact among the highest in the game. This tank could surpass the entire game with the accuracy that is longer one of the strong points. The aiming time is quite long and it will force you to stay close to your target. But, for what its worth, this German tier is equal to 10 tank destroyers.


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