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What is involved in an animated Video Production?

If you want to increase your brand awareness or your presence in the web, the video is the most engaging medium and content to do so. Videos can attract a lot of customers, provided they are interesting and intriguing. Animated videos are the most favorite for most of the popular brands. They are attractive to look at and are really eye-catching. Many startups also use animation videos because of their cost-effectiveness. In this article, we are going to know more about the steps which are involved in the animated video production.


The script is the firstthing which you need to do while you producing an animated video. When you contact a company for video production, you need to tell them your ideas and the important messages which you would want the viewers to know through the video. You might also require to provide a short document which the scriptwriters can refer while creating a script for you.

The first steps include the length of the video and the characters which would be included. A professional video production of one minute is equivalent to 140 text words approximately. This I the calculation which most of the video production works upon. It is recommended that you should keep your video for not more than 2 minutes as it is the best time frame for engagement.


After your script is finalized, you need to move on to the designing of your graphics. In this process, you need to illustrate all the things which you have mentioned in the script. This includes the characters and all the other designs. Design brings all the things which you have designed on the paper. Since all these designs have been created from scratch, your video is going to be unique and different.

After you put in all your design works, you will get a storyboard and you can see everything before it goes into the moving video. While you are studying your storyboard, you should check if the story plot follows your expectation which you had while reading the script. If your expectation is not met, then you will need the animated video production company to change it as your video won’t be able to reflect your brand and the messages would not reach the customers.


If you get these steps right, then most of your work of creating a good animated video would be over.


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