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Planning to Shift the Office to a New City

Umzug Winterthur

Offices often need to be shifted to some other city or some other location within the city. They may don’t have the right consultant to advice and plan regarding the movement. Moving an office is completely different from moving a house to a different place. As the company is responsible for meeting the deadlines as committed to their clients, everything has to be planned precisely. The movement has to match the planning otherwise it may lead to missing the committed deadlines and end up losing the contracts. To avoid such situations, it is better to contact the specialists in this profession. Who is better than Umzugsfirma Winterthur in this field to advice on this?

Reachable Customer Support Team

They have an excellent team of experts who are available during the weekdays to assist the clients regarding their queries over the phone. Even if you don’t have time to make a call, you can drop an inquiry in their website, and their expert team will reach you over the phone or email regarding your requirements. Once their expert contacts you, you can get the quote emailed to you or over the phone. Their team consists of experienced professionals, office staff, carpenters, temporary industry staff and truck drivers who move the goods. Their carpenters help in dismantling and repacking the furniture during the whole shifting process. Also, it is not necessary to hire them for the entire movement. You can choose the service you want to have. You can have them for the complete movement or just for transportation or just for packing and keep it ready.Umzug Winterthur They have different types of vehicles along with shifting lift which will help in case if you are moving to a multi-story building. They have all the required licenses so they can work without any legal hassle. They are a registered entity in Switzerland, and you can find the details on their website regarding that. In this way, you can trust them and hand over the belongings without any problem. They insure all the products that are moved by them.

They not only do the movement within Winterthur, but they also take movement into the city and from the city to different city. Once you have confirmed the quote, they will send you the confirmation email along with the date of movement. After that, you will receive another mail a day before the appointed date of shifting.


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